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Where reliability, versatility, and creativity intersect to tell stories about the world - both past and present.




My name is Andrea Speakman

I am a Communications and Media Specialist, with experience in creating short form films, commercials, and photography projects for clients.

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Over the past years, I have held many positions in media and communications. With every job, no matter what, I always strive to do my best. Each project always offers something new to learn and grow from.



Writer, Director, Producer, Assistant Director, and Production Designer - I have done it all

Writing with Pen


Writer of scripts, articles, posters, and pamphlets. Currently working on a new blog and social media posts

Classic Camera


Digital photography of events and live moments. Also, edits in Adobe Lightroom

Organizing the Calendar

Project Manager

Paperwork, schedules, budgets, and task lists help make every job easier. The more detailed the better.

Playing Video Games

Video Editor

Video Editing on multiple software including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro 7 and X

Businesswoman in Front of Crowd

Public Speaker

Give presentations to up to 100+ people and field questions succinctly

Film Reel


Get in Touch

Houston, TX 77058


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